I have three windows of my gmail up each with a different email up. I seriously need to stop multitasking. 


Lost finale (text message reaction minutes)

Lost Minutes: 

Recap (7:15pm - 9:00pm)

A: I Love Ben.
J: Yeah, that was good. Did Sawyer say son in the interview?
A: I'm not sure. Did he?
J: Think So. ha.
A: Those Target/Lost commercials are the shit.
J: "There is a smoke monster in all of us" jesus...
A: Ha. I liked the one about this being their longest committed relationship.
J: See the man in black can assume the form of his own body. So it is him.
A: Boo. 
A: This Jin/Sun death rehash is making me all teary eye'd.


dreaming of things we mustn't speak of...

Hey brain,

I know you like to make all of my unrealistic craziness come through in my dreams but this weekend you went too far. 

Did you really need to have me dream two consecutive dreams revolving around my giving birth to and taking care of twin baby boys named Jason and Max? Seriously? 

Oh and if you think its funny to link up to other brains during sleepytime then fuck you. Manipulating the boyfriend's brain to dream of our having a baby girl on the same nights that I was dreaming about our baby boy twins was not cool.

Way to make us think of things we both don't need or want right now...

If you can please return my wacky, improbable dreams involving acid rain and backyard amusement parks it would be greatly appreciated.